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Frequently Asked Tuition Questions

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When do the classes take place?

Big Fish Tutors operates on weekday evenings and weekends. Contact your nearest branch to find out when your child’s year group is running.

How often will my child attend?

Your child will attend the center once a week for two hours (group classes only). For one to one hours please contact your local center.

Do you follow the National Curriculum?

Yes. We teach the curriculum for English, Maths and Science based on the National Curriculum. We relate most topics to real life contexts to make learning interesting and applicable for your child. The curriculum is frequently revised and updated.

What is the student to tutor ratio?

Our normal ratio is six students per tutor. Students are of similar abilities, allowing tutors to teach the class as well as focus on building your child’s strengths and targeting their weaknesses on an individual basis.

Do you give homework?

Your child will receive a weekly homework pack that is based on classwork. Your child’s tutor will mark all homework and keep track on your child’s progress.

What is the cost?

Fees for Reception to GCSE group sessions vary between £11-£15 per hour. One to one fees vary. Discounts are available for termly and yearly payments.

How old does my child have to be to start at Big Fish Tutors?

We are currently taking students starting from Reception upwards, i.e. ages 4+

Is Big Fish Tutors for the right place for gifted or struggling children?

Our study program is thorough and suits both struggling and gifted children. We will diagnose your child’s learning capacity and place them in a group accordingly. In exceptional cases, we will recommend that gifted children join a tutor group in the year above. Conversely, where a child is struggling and can benefit from covering the basic material to fill the gaps, we will recommend that they join a tutor group in the year below before they are ready to join a tutor group in their year.

How will Big Fish Tutors help with my child’s school work?

As we follow the National Curriculum, most topics will be covered at Big Fish Tutors around the same time as school. Our teaching and material will support your child’s studies and allow them to become independent at home.


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