GCSE Crash Course at all Centres

Easter Holidays 8th April to 21st April 2019

We will spend two full days covering each subject in a lot of depth. This programme is also available for students who are not registered at Big Fish Tutors.
Class Description Two full days per subject: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Total time per subject: 12 hours (6 hours each day)
Daily format:
1.5h / 15m break / 1.5h / 30m break / 1.5h / 15m break / 1.5h
Per topic: detailed revision followed by exam question practice
Groups: six students maximum
Material fee applicable
Biology (Double Award) 8th and 9th April
Chemistry (Double Award) 10th and 11th April
Physics (Double Award) 12th and 13th April
Maths Higher (Grade 6 upwards) 15th and 16th April
English Language 17th and 18th April
1 subject (£19 per hour) £228
2 subjects (£18 per hour) £432
3 subjects (£17 per hour) £612
4 subjects (£16 per hour) £768
5 subjects (£15 per hour) £900

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