Work for Us

Become A Part-Time Tutor In London

We currently have a number of tutor positions available.

Employment Basis

Part-time; weekday evenings and/or weekends; minimum 6 hours per week; competitive pay.

Role Responsibility

As a tutor, you will be teaching primary and/or secondary students in classes of 6 or on a one-to-one basis. Duties include:

  • Delivering an active lesson using a whiteboard in a classroom setting. We provide all the material for group lessons, including lesson plans and student worksheets
  • Marking homework
  • Providing feedback to parents about their children’s progress

This role is perfect for someone who has a thirst to learn new skills and is energetic. At Big Fish Tutors, you will gain confidence, independence and communication while working in a fun and relaxed environment.

Person Specification

The ideal candidate for this role will be:

  • Confident, approachable, a good communicator who works well in a team
  • Someone who takes initiative
  • Good at multitasking
  • Able to work under pressure and towards set deadlines
  • Preferably but not necessarily well-versed in the National Curriculum and experienced in working with or teaching children
  • UK GCSES with minimum B grade for English and Maths mandatory. Minimum A grade for Science.

How to apply

Send your cover letter and CV to Your cover letter should outline any previous experience you have had, why you are the right person for the tutor role and what you aim to gain from working at Big Fish Tutors.

“I like that Big Fish Tutors works with the school curriculum. My child understands and enjoys the work.”

Amanda, Mother of Reception Child