GCSE Crash Course at all Centres

Easter Holidays 8th April to 21st April 2019

We will spend two full days covering each subject in a lot of depth. This programme is also available for students who are not registered at Big Fish Tutors.

Class Description Full day: 8:00am to 4:30pm
Total time per subject: 15 hours
Class structure: 2.5 hours followed by 30 minutes break
Per topic: detailed revision followed by exam practice
Groups: six students maximum
Material fee applicable
Biology (Double Award) 8th and 9th April
Chemistry (Double Award) 10th and 11th April
Physics (Double Award) 12th and 13th April
Maths 15th and 16th April
English Language 17th and 18th April
1 subject (£15 per hour) £225
2 subjects (£14 per hour) £405
3 subjects (£13 per hour) £585
4 subjects (£12 per hour) £720
5 subjects (£11 per hour) £825

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