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Big Fish Tutors Children’s Workshops in Harrow Libraries

We ran workshops Gayton and Stanmore libraries in Harrow for parents and children. It provided parents with an opportunity to bond with their child through their child’s eyes. We worked on skills such as handwriting, reading and researching. Big Fish Tutors covered the following:


Projects using non-fiction books

Reading and role play – Parents and children

How to pick an interesting book

Marina’s Spanish Crash Course

Did you know that Spanish is the most common native language spoken by many people around the world? Have you ever thought about learning Spanish as a second language? Maybe for work, or travel or simply for fun?

Well now you can actually make it happen! MARINA’s SPANISH CRASH COURSE is 8 week programme that includes spoken, written and reading activities; along with some information about the Spanish culture; and some homework.

Marina is a Spanish native and loves teaching Spanish to children and adults. Make MARINA’s SPANISH CRASH COURSE a weekly family activity, friends meet-up sessions or simply drop in by yourself to make new friends in Spanish!

16 hours of quality learning for only £128 (worth £240). Classes available on weekdays and weekends. Limited spaces.

Once you start, you’ll absolutely love it – you know that! So pick up the phone and call 07495903473 to get booked in.