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Big Fish Tutors Children’s Workshops in Harrow Libraries

We ran workshops Gayton and Stanmore libraries in Harrow for parents and children. It provided parents with an opportunity to bond with their child through their child’s eyes. We worked on skills such as handwriting, reading and researching. Big Fish Tutors covered the following:


Projects using non-fiction books

Reading and role play – Parents and children

How to pick an interesting book

Big Fish Tutor’s Summer School Programme

We run a summer school through August to keep your child’s brain active. We help to fill in gaps before your child begins their next academic year

Supporting Young People in Business

Meet our Youngpreneurs mentee. Big Fish Tutors teamed up with Shreya Vagdia, aged 13 to support her desire for selling Indian garments to the community – younger and elder. She believes that the Indian diaspora in the UK can wear Indian garments to both Western and traditional occasions. Her dream is to design and produce her own garments. Shreya was one of five Youngpreneurs who showed that dedication and motivation can make a dream come true.

Find Shreya’s growing dream here: https://www.facebook.com/shreya.vagdia