Marina's Spanish Crash Course

Did you know that Spanish is the most common native language spoken by many people around the world? Have you ever thought about learning Spanish as a second language? Maybe for work, or travel or simply for fun?

Well now you can actually make it happen in only 8 weeks of training with MARINA's SPANISH CRASH COURSE. Marina is a Spanish native and loves to teach children and adults the Spanish language and about the Spanish culture.

MARINA's SPANISH CRASH COURSE includes spoken, written and reading activities; along with some information about the Spanish culture; and some homework.

Make MARINA's SPANISH CRASH COURSE a weekly family activity, friends meet-up sessions or simply drop in by yourself to make new friends in Spanish!

16 hours of quality learning for only £128 (worth £240). More discounts available over the phone.
Classes available on weekdays and weekends. Limited spaces.

Don't think about it too much: gift yourself a new skill for 2019. Once you start, you'll absolutely love it - you know that!

So pick up the phone and call 07495903473 to get booked in.

We truly care about our users & end product which is why our customers love us!.