British Science Week

//British Science Week

British Science Week

Join us to celebrate British Science Week from 06th March to 15th March 2020!

What Is the Importance of British Science Week?

British Science Week means to encourage and support teachers, professionals, and all individuals associated with the academic discipline of STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This week sheds light on the influence of STEM in our lives and how people can work together to make STEM more widespread.

Two Notable Characters to Remember this Week

British Science Week also allows us to honour men and women that helped make science an approachable, progressive, and significant subject worldwide. Two such personalities, known for their immense contributions to Science, are Ada Lovelace – the world’s first computer programmer; and Timothy Berners Lee – the engineer of the World Wide Web.

The Theme for British Science Week 2020

The theme for British Science Week will be “Our Diverse Planet”. It is a great opportunity to participate in events and activities of science, engineering, and technology.

How to Get Involved in British Science Week?

Here are some ideas to get involved in British Science Week:

  • Make a Planet Using Paper Mache

This is a great art activity that you can try with your children this British Science Week. Even though it is a labour-intensive DIY task, it is so much fun!

To create a planet using paper mache, you will need balloons, old newspaper cuttings, and a thick, gooey paper mache mixture or glue.

  • Create a Poster

Students can also participate in the science week by having a poster competition in their schools. Select the top five posters and send them in the post to the British Science Association.

Parents can also enter their children into this competition. They can help their child create a winning poster. For instance, parents can help them draw a stunning galaxy in space. A colourful picture of life under the sea, or an illustration of the importance of maintaining the ecosystem, etc. The winning student/child also gets an exciting prize at the end of the week!

  • Download an Activity Pack

Encourage your child to explore the world of science and how it affects our lives by downloading an Activity Pack on https://www.britishscienceweek.org/plan-your-activities/.  The activities are hands-on and designed to engage children in a fun yet stimulating way.

For more information regarding British Science Week, click here.

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