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Key Stage 2 – School Years 3 – 6

Key Stage 2 includes children in school years 3 to 6. We prepare your child for KS2 SATs. We run separate groups in small numbers for each school year to maximise the quality of the tuition. Classroom style learning coupled with PSED ensures that your child builds an all-round character.

English and Maths

To ensure your child is given the maximum attention, classes have six students and are grouped by year. This 41-week program follows all topics and methods taught in the new National Curriculum syllabus.



Fluency in reading and writing Counting and number recognition – comparing, doubling, place values, rounding, odd and even
Word and sentence building Identifying 2D and 3D shapes and nets
Grammar and punctuation techniques Operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, BODMAS
Comprehension – finding information and making inferences Fractions, decimals and negative numbers
Fables – comprehension reading and story writing Space – coordinates and directions
Fiction and non-fiction writing using creative language – letters, instructions, recounts, recipes, newspaper articles and broadsheets Measurement – time, length, weight, capacity and money including conversions
Poetry writing and analysis Data handling – bar and line graphs, Venn and Carroll diagrams
Persuasive writing – balanced arguments, advertisements and letters Algebra

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