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Frequently Asked Tuition Questions

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When do classes take place?

Classes take place on weekday evenings (after school) and on weekends. Please contact your nearest branch for specific class times.

How often will my child attend?

Children attend group classes once a week at the agreed day and time (other schemes may vary)

How do you incorporate personal growth in classes?

Traits such as  confidence, respect and independence are integrated into our lessons verbally, through activities and practise.

Do you follow the National Curriculum?

Yes. We teach English, Maths and Science based on the National Curriculum.

What is the student to tutor ratio?

Our ratio is 6 students to one tutor to provide an optimal service. Children will be the same age group and of similar abilities.

Do you give homework?

Homework is provided each week to ensure your child reinforces classwork. It will be marked the following week with feedback.

How do you cater for different abilities?

Our scheme allows struggling and excelling children the opportunity to better themselves. For those of high academic ability, we may recommend children study in the tutor group a year above their respective school year. Conversely, if a child may benefit from more basic work, we may recommend they study in the year group below until they are ready to move up. These are case dependent. One-to-one options are also available.

How does Big Fish Tutors help with school work?

Our scheme is designed around the National Curriculum so all topics covered in school will also be covered in our lessons. We also provide extensive SATs practice for Year 2 and Year 6 students.

How do you monitor my child's progress?

Children are given regular assessments to ensure they are comfortable with the topics covered. We also provide parents with feedback at the end of each class to explain the work covered during the session and how your child coped.

How much does it cost?

Lessons vary between year groups, ranging from £13-£19 per hour for group classes. One to one lessons start at £30 per hour. Please contact your nearest branch for more information and the available payment plans.

What ages do you tutor at Big Fish Tutors?

We start at Reception (age 4) and teach up to A-Level.

What is the next step if I am interested?

To enrol your child onto our scheme, call your nearest branch to book in your FREE* assessment.