Best Ways To Answer Multiple Choice Questions In 11+ Exams

//Best Ways To Answer Multiple Choice Questions In 11+ Exams

Best Ways To Answer Multiple Choice Questions In 11+ Exams

The 11+ exams are right at our doorstep. To make answering multiple-choice questions (MCQ) easier learning a few basic strategies can help you in acing your 11+ exams MCQ section:

Read the Entire Questions Slowly

Sometimes, the biggest and most preventable mistakes arise when students don’t read the entire question and all the options properly. This stems from either overconfidence or a subconscious attempt to rush through the paper quickly. Answering too fast can make you miss important instructions. Pay careful attention to words like “always,” “sometimes,” “not,” and “never” which can change the entire meaning of the sentence.

Eliminate the Obvious Wrong Answers

Sometimes, it is easier to recognise multiple wrong answers than a single right answer. Eliminate all the answers that you are a hundred per cent sure are wrong. By process of elimination, you can focus on the remaining options. This method can save time and help you come to the correct conclusion quickly.

Answer the Ones You Know First

When starting your MCQ, you should first answer the questions that you know the answer to. If you encounter a difficult question, don’t waste your time trying to answer it. Skip to another MCQ and come back to the difficult question once you have completed all the ones that you know. This will help you to achieve guaranteed marks, and you can divide the left-over time with the remaining questions to work out how much time you can allocate to each difficult question.

Make an Educated Guess

You can make an educated guess by thinking about related information to the question, which can lead you to possible correct answers.

“All of the Above” And “None of the Above” Questions

When you get an “All of the above” question, do not circle the “All of the above” option if you are reasonably sure at least one answer is wrong. Similarly, do not select the “none of the above” option if you think that at least one answer is correct. However, if you know that at least two answers are wrong in a “none of the above” question, then the “none of the above” option is probably the right answer.

MCQs can be tough, but it is important to stay calm. If you start to panic, the chances are that you may misunderstand a question that can lead to mistakes. However, if you have revised your course material well, and tried to follow these simple tips, there is no reason why you won’t get a great grade.

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