Global Entrepreneurship: Be the One to Encourage your Child’s Dreams

//Global Entrepreneurship: Be the One to Encourage your Child’s Dreams

Global Entrepreneurship: Be the One to Encourage your Child’s Dreams

Every year we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship. Some schools hold events to help children understand what type of jobs exist, the process of designing to manufacturing a product and how much money would be spent these.

Young entrepreneurs are present and thriving in our very own society. It is refreshing to see children realising their dreams, taking chances in the business world and succeeding at it.

Nina Devani – DevaniSoft

Nina Devani is a young entrepreneur to look out for. Now 17-years-old, she is an entrepreneur that established DevaniSoft when she was just 14 years of age. The company sells unique software that reminds people of their passwords.

The idea struck her when her dad’s Facebook account got hacked. She realised that since her dad used the same password everywhere, other accounts would be at risk too.

With that idea in hand, she began looking for investors. Her hard work and drive succeeded as and she now has a team that is supporting her idea and helping her run the business.

Shreya – Veechi Collections

Like Mikaila and Nina, we have an example of our very own. Shreya, aged 13, had the dream of owning her own boutique and sell apparel creations.

Seeing her enthusiasm for making her dream come true, Big Fish Tutors became one of her supporters and together with the support of her family we were able to help a young entrepreneur.

Through building and growing this venture of hers, we were able to see Shreya build her confidence, ability to develop customer relations and gain an aspect into professionalism and salesmanship.

Your Support Makes A Difference

Shreya, Nina and other young entrepreneurs are a few of many others. There are hundreds of more kids with an innovative idea and the right kind of attitude to begin their journeys.

The difference was a network of supportive people, encouraging them to move forward and achieve their dreams. Parents, guardians, teachers, tutors, friends, extended family, etc., are the initial supporters.

Of course, out of all of them, parents and guardians have to be at the frontier. Your children look up to you for advice and inspiration.

Help instil the idea of enterprising in your child’s mind by encouraging your child to come up with and share their ideas.

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