Teaching Your Child Failure Is Success

//Teaching Your Child Failure Is Success

Teaching Your Child Failure Is Success

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” ~ Thomas Edison

The word “failure” has negative connotations attached to it. Sometimes, we instil in our children’s minds that failure is “bad”. However, children do benefit from experiencing failure. Not convinced? Here, we’ve discussed how teaching your child about failure is as important as preparing them for success. We’ve also discussed some sure-fire ways to teach your child about failure.

Children Become Wiser and Stronger

Failure doesn’t break you. It moulds you and makes you a stronger and wiser person. Sure, failure won’t make your child feel good immediately, but remember, they will never achieve success if they never risk failure.

From an early age, teach your child that failures are as important as success; teach them to embrace their failures and learn from them.

Help Children Gain New Insights

When a child fails, their entire world is turned upside down for a while. However, this is an opportunity for them to examine themselves and observe where they went wrong. This may be hard for a young child to do on their own. That’s when children need their parents’ support. Parents can help their child figure out what they can improve on next time. You can help their child see things in a better light.

Grow Up to be Determined and Persistent

Your child may fail once or twice or a hundred times but again, this is not a problem! Again, parents have a key role to play here. Don’t’ let your child give up on themselves, as it is easy to do so in such situations. Help pick your child up and teach them how they can win next time. This will make them determined and persistent – two problem-solving traits that will greatly help them later on in life!

Success Feels Even Sweeter

Imagine your child never losing in their life. The chances are that they won’t value success much when they win. They are more likely to cherish success knowing what it took to get there.

Keep in mind that failure is a vital aspect of the learning process. Help your child focus on the “failing forward” approach, which means to learn from your past mistakes. This will enable the development of a growth mindset in them.

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