RSPB Garden Birdwatch – What Kids Can Learn from Bird Watching

//RSPB Garden Birdwatch – What Kids Can Learn from Bird Watching

RSPB Garden Birdwatch – What Kids Can Learn from Bird Watching

Bird watching! When was the last time you took your child bird watching? It’s a fun family activity that uses and enhances many skills. RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is between 25-27th January. Continue reading this blog post to find out some benefits of bird watching for your young and older children.

Value Wildlife

When children observe unique species around them, they learn to admire and respect them. Children will discover that every bird possesses unique characteristics that make them different from the rest. They begin to realise the value of birds in the eco-system. Bird watching also develops an active interest in birds to the extent that they make an effort to learn their scientific names, their behavioural patterns, habitat, etc. In this way, they grow up to be more knowledgeable and considerate about wild life.

Hard Work and Persistence

Show your child that hard work and persistence goes into building a bird’s home. Bird watching gives your children a chance to observe how birds build their nests. Birds spend days building their homes. They cover long distances to collect materials that help them build their homes. To us, nest-building may seem an easy task, but it is quite a chore for birds. Despite it all, they never give up. They put a lot of love, care, and effort into building their nests.

Never Give Up

Show your child how birds don’t give up. At times, birds successfully build their homes and are ready to settle in, but humans, predators, or natural disasters like storms destroy their nests. In such situations, all their hard work goes to waste. Children can learn that even in this time of distress, birds don’t give up. They don’t cry or moan or give up on what they’re supposed to be doing. Instead, they migrate to another place and build a new home for themselves and their little ones.

Bird watching can have a huge positive impact on your child’s overall mental and emotional well-being. If you want your kids to be a part of this life-changing activity, RSPB Garden Birdwatch is an incredible way to witness all manner of bird species.

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