World Maths Day: Parents, Can You Answer These Maths Questions?

//World Maths Day: Parents, Can You Answer These Maths Questions?

World Maths Day: Parents, Can You Answer These Maths Questions?

Why not test your maths skills out – we have decided to test your knowledge with some popular questions. So, without further ado, let’s put your skills to the test (answers can be found below)!


1.     How Many Digits are in the Number 400.00? Is the answer 3 or 5?

2.     The Length of a Square is 6 metres. Find its Area

3.     The first two angles of a triangle are 20 degrees and 50 degrees, what is the value of the third angle?

4.     If 10 + x is 5 more than 10, what is the value of 2x?

5.     If “c” Is an Odd Integer and “d” Is an Even Integer, Which of the Following Is an Odd Integer?

  • 3c
  • C + 3
  • 2 (c + d)
  • C + 2d


1.     This is a confusing one, as people don’t know whether or not to count the zeros after the decimal point. Does the decimal point count as a digit? If it does, it means that the answer could be 6 too! Here’s the thing – the decimal point is not a digit. Digits are from 0 – 9 (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). Therefore, the answer to this is 5.

2.     You can’t solve this maths problem unless you know the formula. To find the area of a square, you will have to multiply its length by its breadth. Now, you might be wondering what the breadth is. After all, you were only given the length in this question. The length and breadth of a square are the same. Since the length is 6 metres, the area will be 6 x 6 = 36 square metres!

3.     It is a general rule that the three interior angles of a triangle always equal to 180 degrees. The first two angles are 20 degrees and 50 degrees that sum up to 70 degrees. Now, we have to find out what number added to 70 makes up 180. The answer is 110 degrees!

4.     The equation is put cleverly as a word problem, but don’t panic. The word “is” here only means “equal”, and “5 more than 10” means 15. You can also write this as “10 + x = 15”. Subtract 10 from both sides of the equation and you have the value of x, i.e., 5. Now, replace it into 2x to get your final answer 2 x 5, which is 10.

5.     To find the answer, assume the value of c = 3 and d = 2. Now, put these values into their formulas. Of all the options, only “c + 2d” will have an odd integer i.e., 3 + 2(2) = 7.

So, which of these maths problems did you solve correctly? We hope all of them!

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