International Space Day

//International Space Day

International Space Day

It is International Space Day today.  Join us to celebrate the wonders of space and beyond.

To honour this astronomical day (excuse the pun), let’s look at some fun facts about space and ways in which you and your child can celebrate space!

Fun Facts About Space

1.     Space Has No Sound

It’s completely silent.

There is no air in space, and thus, no medium by which sound waves can move. This means that the old movie saying is true – in space, no one can hear you scream. Astronauts use  radios to communicate with each other when in space. This is possible because radio signals can travel through space.

2.      It’s Hard to Predict the Exact Number of Stars in Space

Nobody knows exactly how many stars are there in space. Some say there are A THOUSAND QUINTILIAN stars while others say it’s more than that! What we do know is that these stars are present in magnificent groups known as galaxies.

3.     There Is a Reservoir of Water in Space

And it’s mighty large!

It is believed that the water in space is equal to 140 trillion times the water in the Global Ocean. Where is all this water, you ask? It surrounds the area around a large, active black hole, also known as a quasar.

How to Celebrate Space?

There are a bunch of ways to celebrate space day. Here, we have discussed a few of them!

1.     Create a Space Quiz

Learn some more great fun and easy facts about Space with your child and make a quiz for them to answer later!

2.     Create a Space Model from Scrap

Give your child boxes and items you are going to throw away and encourage them to build a rocket! Let their imagination run wild!

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