Safer Internet Day

//Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is celebrated on 11th February 2020 and raises awareness of the safe and positive use of the internet for children and young people.

What happens on Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day is celebrated by having forum discussions, various events, and educational campaigns. The main purpose of these activities is to help educate people about online issues and ways to fight them.

With the prevalence of the internet, cyberbullying is increasing as well.  Therefore, it is easier to humiliate, threaten, criticise, or target another person without getting caught. This kind of bullying has the worst impact on teens, children, and young adults. Some other issues of the digital world include spending excessive time on social media, befriending strangers, etc.

How Can Parents Get Involved In Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day is an incredible opportunity for parents and children to sit as a family and reflect on daily internet use and technology safety. So, here are some fantastic ways to encourage safe use of the internet:

  1. Have a Conversation with Your Child

Talk to your child about how they use technology. Discuss what sites they use, how much time they spend on these sites, and why it is better to spend a limited time online.

  1. Opt for a Balanced Approach

It is natural as a parent to feel worried about the online activities of their child. For your child, the digital world is a fun, exciting place to be. So, instead of overwhelming your child with restrictions, educate them on safe online choices.

  1. Activate Parental Controls

This is an effective tool that all parents can utilise to control and restrict their child’s online activities to prevent access to inappropriate content online.

Safer Internet Day is a great occasion for parents and children to discuss the pros and cons of the online world and devise internet safety plans to stay safe and positive online.

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