Tomorrow Is Great Poetry Day!

//Tomorrow Is Great Poetry Day!

Tomorrow Is Great Poetry Day!

National Great Poetry Day is celebrated on 28th April.

What Is Poetry?

Poetry is a form of artistic writing that uses several literary tools such as sounds, rhythms, symbolism, metaphors, personifications, similes, etc. Your children will have learnt to use many of these at Big Fish Tutors! It is an art form that relies on emotions, visuals, and imaginations and creates beauty through poetic diction. There are different forms of poetry. Let’s look at a few popular ones:

Types of Poetry

  1. Haiku Poems – this is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. It consists of only three lines. The first and the third line have 5 syllables and the second line has 7 syllables. These lines do not rhyme.
  2. Ballad Poems – Like epics, ballads tell a story too. What makes them different from epics is that ballads usually tell a folk tale or are based on a legend. They often contain a moral lesson.
  3. Sonnets – this is another popular form of poetry that contains 14 lines in total. This poem is a short lyrical song.
  4. Acrostic – also known as name poems, spell out words or phrases with the first letter of each line.

Activities to Celebrate Great Poetry Day for Children

  • Create a poster with a how-to guide on writing a poem e.g. haiku, riddle, acrostic, narrative poem
  • Share your favourite poems and poets with them
  • Read poems aloud
  • Write a poem

Poetry Books for Children

If you’re wondering what poets and poem books will be perfect for your children, here are a few great recommendations to consider:

  1. Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl – features six humorous tales, ideal for small children.
  2. Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear – this book has been an absolute favourite among both children and adults.
  3. Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson – this is a classic and pure delight for young children!
  4. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss – features simple words and illustrations.
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